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Yoshiteru Ashikaga
Ashikaga yoshiteru


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Yoshiteru Ashikaga is the first Shogun in the game,he posses excellent infantry tactics in the game.At the time when he rule the Ashikaga clan,he brings them to height of their rule.He is a great Daimyo.His nemesis at the game is Hisahide Matsunaga,which historacally Hisahide killed him.At the scenario"Incident at Osaka"when playing as Ashikaga clan or Matsunaga,making an alliance between these two clans is impossible.At the scenario "Family Betrayal",Ashikaga clan is under Yoshiaki Ashikaga's rule,which without Yoshiteru,Ashikaga clan is weak.

Yoshiteru Ashikaga BiographyEdit

Yoshiteru was the eldest son of Ashikaga Yoshihiro and was named the 13th Ashikaga shôgun in 1546. He was initially supervised by the Miyoshi and under their pressure rejected Hosokawa Harumoto. He later resisted the influence of the Miyoshi and Matsunaga Hisahide and as a result was attacked and killed in his Nijô palace in Kyoto by troops sent by those two powers. He was relatively active in relations with the daimyô, awarding a character from his name to such figures as Uesugi Kenshin (Nagao Terutora), Terumoto Mori, and Date Terumune. He was also convinced to give his backing to a peace treaty between the Otomo and Mori in 1563.