Nobunaga's Ambition Iron Triangle Edit

Takeda clan
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Known daimyos:

Nobutora Takeda

Shingen Takeda

Katsuyori Takeda




Founder of the Takeda clan(Kai):

The Takeda clan of the Kai province were founded by the Yoshikiyo Takeda

Takeda clan is one of the strongest clans in the game,they have Shingen Takeda and it's great retainers such as:Masayuki Sanada,Yukitaka Sanada,Nobutsuna Sanada,Masakage Yamagata,Katsuyori Takeda,Toratane Hara,Nobufasa Baba,etc.Takeda clan is well-versed at cavalry technology,they have a special tech which is called "Furin Kazan".Takeda's clan rival are the Uesugi clan.Takeda's first step in the game is by attacking the Ota clan with the help of Hojo clan.When Takeda clan grow is hard to stop even if a coalition is created against them.They ally themselves with Hojo almost everytime.Shingen begin his expansion at the east destroying clan,such as:Ota,Nagano and Ashikaga.Then Shingen is seen that he focus to destroy the Tokugawa clan which sometimes it works,if Shingen destroys Tokugawa clan,this puts the Oda clan in a big danger.Takeda clan weakness is when Shingen is dead and also a good part of it's retainers,and Katsuyori takes the control of Takeda clan,they only have Tsutsujigasaki castle.

Takeda clanEdit

The Takeda of Kai province were founded by Takeda Yoshikiyo, a nephew of Minamoto Yoshiie, and loyally served Minamoto Yoritimo. They ruled Kai from the time of Takeda Nobuyoshi until their fall at the hands of Oda Nobunaga in 1582. The Takeda had suffered a period of internal unease, first punctuated by the rebellion of Atobe Kageie in 1465. In 1472 Takeda Nobumasa defeated an army led by allied Shinano warlords and through this did much to reestablish the authority of the Takeda as rulers of Kai. In fact, the Takeda would be forced to contend with the numerous warlords of Shinano for many years. By 1519 Takeda Nobutora had quelled all resistance within Kai to the Takeda's leadership and under Takeda Shingen the family enjoyed its height, extending its control over Shinano and Suruga, as well as parts of Kôzuke, Tôtômi, and Hida Provinces. After Takeda Katsuyori suffered a crushing defeat at the Battle of Nagashino in 1575, the offensive potency of the Takeda was drastically reduced. Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu, the victors at Nagashino, invaded the Takeda domain in 1582 and the Takeda were destroyed as daimyo. Certain collateral branches of the Takeda survived into the Edo Period though none enjoyed any significant power.