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Oda clan
150px-Oda emblem svg
Oda clan crest

Known daimyos:

Nobunaga Oda

Nobuhide Oda




Founder of the clan:

Taira no Chikazane(Nobunaga Oda claimed descent from him).

Oda clan is a clan with a big power at this game,they are well-versed at musket technology.Their special technology is "Attack Column",they have a great leader which is Nobunaga Oda and along with it's great retainers such as Katsuie Shibata,Hideyoshi Toyotomi,Toshiie Maeda and Keiji Maeda.Owari province has a big territory where 10 districts can be build favoring the Oda clan.Their fist step is mostly attacking the Kibatake clan and sometimes the Saito,at the game this give them a foothold,to attack and destroy other clans in the game,they are allied with a stronger clan,Tokugawa.If Oda clan becomes big it's hard to stop it,because of it's musket technology and it's amazing officers,but in the other way they are sometimes surrounded by stronger clans like Uesugi,Takeda,Honganji,Mori,Miyoshi,which cause them sometimes a big lose of troops in battle and leads them to the destroy of the Oda clan.Anyway at the Honnoji incident when Nobunaga get killed by his retainer Mitsuhide Akechi,Oda clan new leader is Hidenobu Oda,which brought the weakening of Oda clan, but the player can save Nobunaga from the Honnoji incident by raising Mitsuhide's loyalty.

Oda clanEdit

The Oda clan was a family of Japanese daimyo who were to become an important political force in the unification of Japan in the mid-16th century. Though they had the climax of their fame under Nobunaga Oda fell from the spotlight soon after, several branches of the family would continue on as daimyo houses until the Meiji Restoration.The Oda family in the time of Nobunaga claimed descent from the Taira clan, by Taira no Chikazane, a grandson of Taira no Shigemori (1138-1179).Taira no Chikazane established himself at Oda (Echizen province) and took its name.In 1452, after the death of Shiba Yoshitake the vassals of the Shiba, like the Oda in Owari Province and the Asakura clan in Echizen Province, refused the succession of Shiba Yoshitoshi (1430–1490) and supported Shiba Yoshikado (died ca. 1480), and began to divide the large domains of their suzerains among themselves, and had become gradually independent in the domains which had been confided to them. In 1475, the Oda had occupied the greater portion of Owari Povince, but the Shiba would continue to try to regain authority until Shiba Yoshikane (1540–1600), who had to leave Owari.Nobuhide took Nagoya Castle in 1525 (it was given to Nobunaga in 1542), and built Furuwatari Castle. Oda Nobutomo held Kiyosu Castle, but he was besieged and killed in 1555 by his nephew Nobunaga Oda who operated from Nagoya Castle. This led to the family being divided into several branches, until the branch led by Nobunaga Oda eclipsed the others and unified its control over Owari.However, Nobunaga's plans for national domination were thwarted when his vassal Akechi Mitsuhide killed him at the Incident at Honnoji in the summer of 1582. The Oda remained titular overlords of central Japan for a short time, before being eclipsed by the family of one of Nobunaga's chief generals, Hashiba Hideyoshi.