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Kenshin and Shingen along with their clan always wanted to show their supremacy,in this game making an alliance between these twp clans is impposible they showed they supremcy at the battle of Kawanakajima which was between Shingen and Kenshin in the northern Shinano Province. Both warlords fought for their right to rule the piece of land though neither completely gained an advantage over the other.At this game Kenshin always try to unify East and South,Shingen try to unify the West,their purpose is to destroy each other the reason why they don't attack each other since from the beggining is because each of both clans are strong.We saw that both of the clans have special technologies Uesugi have "War God" and Takeda"Furin Kazan",which are cavalry technology ,in the end always Shingen or Kenshin seize their clan too much and then they'll get too powerful and then they attack each other till one of them is destroyed.===