Nobunaga's Ambition Iron TriangleEdit

Battle Of Okehazama
Battle of Okehazama
Battle Information
Year: 1560
Result: Oda clan won,Yoshimito is dead.
Oda Imagawa
Nobunaga Oda Yoshimito Imagawa
1.500-2.500 25.000
The battle of Okehazama was fought in 1560 between Nobunaga Oda and Yoshimoto Imagawa, when Yoshimoto began his march to the capital city of Japan, Kyoto at the time.In Nobunaga's Ambition Iron Triangle the battle can take place any time and year as long as Yoshimoto is marching to Owari which is controlled by the Oda clan led by Nobunaga Oda. If the player is using the Oda he can raid the Imagawa force led by Yoshimoto and kills him. If the player is using the Imagawa, Yoshimoto will get raided and die, but the player can save him if he decides to add Sessei Taigen to his unit. After the battle Ujizane Imagawa becomes the head of the Imagawa clan and after a few months Motoyasu Matsudaira (Ieyasu Tokugawa) declares independence and the Tokugawa clan will be born. If using the Oda, Motoyasu comes to Kiyosu for an alliance. The player gets the chance to agree for an alliance or chase Motoyasu but will eventually fail.

Battle of OkehazamaEdit

In May or June 1560, Imagawa Yoshimoto, with an army of perhaps 35,000 men, set forth on a march to Kyoto.Entering at the Oda territories in Owari province,he first took the border fortresses of Washizu and Marume.This was all reported to Oda Nobunaga.Nobunaga decided on a frontal assault, the battle would have been deceptively easy to predict; his army was outnumbered ten to one by the Imagawa forces. A frontal assault would be suicidal and an attempt to hold out at Zenshō-ji would only last a few days. Because of the odds against their side, some of Nobunaga's advisers even suggested a surrender. Nobunaga, however, decided to launch a surprise attack on the Imagawa camp.He attacked the Imagawa main camp destroying their army and killing Yoshimito Imagawa.